FOX47 NEWS - Shoveling For Seniors

Jeff Angileri
Dec 5, 2007, 9:57 PM

Edna Thomas watched as volunteer dave Santek shoveled her driveway.

A task she says she couldn't do alone.

I do what I can myself and just have the to leave the rest and wait for someone to help me, Thomas says.

Santek volunteers with the west Madison Senior Coalition, today there were ten volunteers lending a hand to seniors like Thomas. But Santek says ti's not enough.

They're really desperate for help this time of year, especially with these snow storms one after the other, they really need more people to help out, Santek says.

Lori Bell-Santek says the coalition received about forty calls Wednesday. Thirty of those were from seniors asking for help.

It's hard. They're very nervous. They're nervous they are going to get fined and the can't afford to pay those tickets so they do the best they can but it's hard, Bell Santek says.

She says coalition members have been recruiting family members and friends to help shovel for seniors.

It took her husband Dave thirty minutes to clear the area around Edna thomas' home.

Started up at the the porch there, did the driveway and the person who lives here came out and helped a bit too, Santek says.

I appreciate everything they do for me and I think they've helped a lot of people, says Thomas.

Bell-Santek says the volunteers are doing the best they can to fill the demand. Today she pleaded with madison residents who live near seniors, Asking that they do the neighborly thing.

Just shovel-shovel the snow..that's all we ask, Santek says.

Bell-Santek says they run background checks on all their volunteers. Because a lot of people work during the day, finding volunteers to shovel during that time is difficult.

Bell-Santek says with more snow expected in the coming days, they really could use a lot more help.

If you don't shovel your sidewalk the city will fine you $109. Yesterday inspectors gave out about 80 warnings.

If you need help clearing snow - call the Home Chore Program.

On madison's east side 223-3100
North 243-5252
South 251-8405
West 238-7368.

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