FOX47 NEWS - Snow Doesn't Close Madison Schools

Jeff Angileri
Dec 11, 2007, 9:42 PM

Were you guys upset you had to come to school today?


When Grady and Liaum Olson turned on the t-v this morning, they found out almost every school was closed because of the storm. Except for theirs.

There was every imaginable madison school besides madison metropolitan school district, there was some profound grieving going on at that point about kids having to go to school, says their father Andy Olson.

Shantell James joined other irritated parents who tredged through slushy roads to pick up their kids today from Madison East High School.

We got angry parents blowing their horns, angry shovelers across the street and it's not our fault, Madison schools are open and we got to get our kids home, James says.

District Superintendent Art Rainwater says the reason schools are open, is because kids can get there safely.

He says unlike schools in outlying areas, students in Madison have city buses and city routes that can get them to school.

We're not as concerned with is it going to take you longer, but if you do it safely and on that we base our decision, Rainwater says.

But not everyone takes the bus- some parents who had to drive to pick up their kids said the roads were treacherous.

The slide offs, the roads weren't even plowed. So I had to come all the way down from Regent and it took me an hour just to get to this side of town just to get the kids, says parents Rebecca Gomez.

Rainwater says he understands the frustration, but adds that closing schools would be more of an inconvenience to many families who would have to take a day off work or leave their child at home.

We encourage parents to make the decision that's best for your child, when I close schools- I close schools for everyone, Rainwater says.

Madison superintendent art rainwater says when it comes to closing schools, the district works with a number of agencies before making the decision.

Rainwater says the district uses web weather services to keep an eye on storm warnings and keep in constant contact with the city transportation administrator who tells them whether or not the roads are safe.

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