FOX47 NEWS - Biking In The Snow

Jeff Angileri
Dec 13, 2007, 10:14 PM

It's slippery, sometimes icy and mostly annoying.

But all the obstacles left by five storms have not deterred many Madison residents from riding their bikes.

I like riding in the winter, some people don't like riding in the snow, but I like to do my own thing, says rider Luke Russell.

It's not just a recreational activity- for Frank Chemotti trudging through the snow is his job.

From 12 to 5pm is what I'm doing today, about 30 to 40 miles, Chemotti says.

U-W teacher Peter Brinson rides his bike to and from class throughout the year. Not because he has to - because he wants to.

It's my coffee in the morning. If I'm not biking I'm not the same person, Brinson says.

Still, he admits the commute has become difficult. Although bike paths are the safest routes- he says sometimes cyclists have no other option but to hit the streets.

We lose out bike lanes on streets like Johnson and Gorham where there is no separated bike lanes from traffic. All the snow and ice gets piled up in the bike lanes and cyclists have to ride in traffic, Brinson says.

Earlier this month former mayor Paul Soglin took on winter bike riders.

In an internet blog he said cyclists who braved the second storm should have been taken out or shot.

Brinson says for many people in Madison, their bicycle is their only mode of transportation.

We as cyclists need from motorists is respect and patience. We have a right to be there. We're traffic just like them, Brinson says.

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