FOX47 NEWS - Giving The Gift Of Life

Jeff Angileri
Dec 19, 2007, 10:13 PM

Seven years ago, Jason Skaaning was killed by a drunk driver.

Today he would have been 25.

I a lot of times picture him in my head, what he would look like now, what he would be doing. He had so much to offer and it was taken away from him, says his mother Pam Skaanning.

Three years after his death, Skaanning says she wanted to take her pain and turn it into something positive. So she started a blood drive.

I just couldn't handle his birthday anymore. I decided I would take the day off work and so something that had meaning for him, Skaanning says.

Today people lined up at the athletic club in Sun Prarie for the 5th annual Jason Skaanning blood drive.

For some, the event was a chance to give a little more of themselves this holiday season.

It's something I'm able to do. I'm healthy and I can give to someone who may not be as healthy as me, says donor Joanne Miller.

Rob Hamilton taught Jason at the local high school and is the families neighbor.

He says Jason would be proud of his mother.

I said you and Jason should be proud and said that jason would be smiling down and he is, Hamilton says.

Five years ago the blood drive collected around 75 pints- today the event has gathered close to 200.

Skaanning says the drive has done more than spread her son's legacy- it has given her new life as well.

I don't know what I would do without it. This blood drive runs through my veins. It's just so beautiful, Skaanning says.

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