FOX47 NEWS - Shopping In The Storm

Jeff Angileri
Dec 23, 2007, 11:30 PM

To quote a famous holiday song... The weather outside was frightful.

But some were out in full force because their desperation outweighed the dangerous high winds and blowing snow.

We're from Reedsburg so it's about an hour drive-but it took us two hours but it's the only day we could shop together so we thought it was important enough for us to get out in this icky weather, says Mary DeBlock.

Either really determined or really desperate, said shopper Jon Nelson who says he's both.

Shoppers picked up videogames, clothing toys and other various gifts at the west town mall in Madison.

Stephen Schwaegerl spent his lunch break shopping for his mom and dad.

Like most last minute shoppers, Schwaegerl didn't have a list.

And although he doesnt know exactly what to get everyone-he says at least he does know what not to pick up.

Last year me and my sister both got my mom Cheers the first season so we're been coordinating and it's taken a lot longer than we thought this year, Schwaegerl says.

Schwaegerl also waited till the last minute last year, but this time he has something else besides procrastination to blame.

When asked if weather played a factor, he said yes.

The last couple of weeks the days I've been off have all been in the snow..snowy days, he says.

The last couple storms may have been a pain, but Schwaegerl says today's was sort of a blessing in disguise.

I think the weather helped out those who really need to be out here because the lines are half as long as they were last year, he says.

A representative of West Towne mall says the snowy conditions have caused holiday traffic to be spotty with busy shopping days falling on a Tuesday rather than the normal Saturday or Sunday.

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