FOX47 NEWS - Badgers Leave For Tampa

Jeff Angileri
Dec 25, 2007, 9:14 PM

The Dane County regional airport in Madison was decked in Holiday Red and Green Tuesday, but at the security check point, all you saw was red and white.

We're doing this for a reason, we love to play so you have to take the consequences with it as well, says senior wide receiver Paul Hubbard.

Consequences like missing out on Christmas. Tuesday the Badger football team headed to Tampa Florida for the Outback Bowl against the University of Tennessee.

Of course it's hard, your friends call you and say we're doing this and doing that and sitting at home and watching tv.. but it will all pay off in the future, Hubbard says.

It's freshman wide receiver David Gilreath's first Christmas away from his family. He says although he couldn't be home for the holidays, he will be with many of them soon.

Yup I'm from Fort Lauderdale. It's a few hours away but I have some family coming to the game, Gilreath says.

Still many on the Badger team are use to skipping Christmas for warmer weather.

In 2006 the Badgers faced off with Auburn in the Capitol One Bowl in Orlando Florida and returned in 2007 for the same bowl- this time squaring off against the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Some may consider this year's bowl a step down, but this year's team is just happy to be playing on new year's day.

You treat it like every other game, you got out there and do your best and get a W, says Freshman Kyle Jefferson.

A lot of teams are not playing right now and we got a lot of extra time to get our guys trained for the season and we look at it as a blessing for us and no matter what bowl we're at we're still playing and that's what we're looking at, says Hubbard.

The two teams play on new years day at 11:00am eastern standard time on ESPN.

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