FOX47 NEWS - NFL Against Local Packer Party

Jeff Angileri
Jan 7, 2008, 9:39 PM

The Majestic Theatre in Madison has held a wide range of events from concerts to movies.

And now with Packer fever filling the air- they have added football games to the list.

It was always part of our plan to show larger sporting events here, we had the screen and all that and it just took us a while to get there, says the Majestic's Scott Leslie.

Like many bars across the city and state, the Majestic will be holding a Packer Party this Saturday.

The event will feature food and beverages, but most importantly, it offers fans a place to be with other fans.

We're letting people come here and watch the game which will be more fun than two guys sitting on their living room coach watching it. People like to be part of a crowd. That's why people go to games, Leslie says.

But this local party has caught the attention the national football league.

According to NFL copyright rules, establishments aren't allowed to show special screenings of their games.

Which means the Majestic isn't allowed to put the game on their big screen.

The NFL has to learn that when they bully people, they're shooting themselves in the foot. They're killing the environment people crave. The last time I checked, there are more than the 65-thousand people that Lambeau Field holds, Leslie says.

The NFL has also stopped special screenings at other establishments, most recently ordering a Milwaukee casino to stop showing games on their jumbo screens.

Leslie says the leagues argument that the Majestic's Packer Party is a special screening isn't a fair assessment.

They have no idea what a regular event is for us. We've been open for three and a half months. Talk to me when we've been open for three and a half years and I'll tell you what a regular event is for me, Leslie says.

Leslie says he still hasn't heard from the organization.

He says if the NFL does contact the Majestic, then they'll discuss their options.

Until then, the party will be going on as scheduled.

The Majestic will hold their Packer party on Saturday starting at 2:30pm.

You can see the game right here on fox 47 beginning at 3:30pm.

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