FOX47 NEWS - Green Weddings

Jeff Angileri
Jan 13, 2008, 8:38 PM

There's a famous saying about the essentials of every wedding: something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue..

This weekend- some brides to be like Sara Esch, were looking for something green.

First we started out with wedding invitations on recycled paper and asked about flowers, where they were from, says Sara's mother Kathy Esch.

The Esch family were among the hundreds looking through designer dresses, picking DJ's and sampling cake at the Wedding Planner and Guide Bridal Show this weekend.

Many vendors at the event say because of the growing interest in green weddings- they have started offering eco- friendly options.

A lot of people are either asking to buy locally so things don't need to be shipped in and a lot of the local growers have been using eco-friendly pest control, says vendor Tricia Adler.

Marjie Gibson offers invitations and thank you cards on recycled and natural paper.

Though she says thinking green doesn't mean you'll save green.

Some of the invitations are pricier than some of the others and everyone today is budget conscious especially with weddings because it is an expensive endeavor, Gibson says.

Kathy Esch says green weddings can cost as much as traditional ceremonies, you just have to think outside of the box.

It takes more thought. It takes more awareness of what you're doing, you just have to break away from the old ways and try something new, Esch says.

But most brides this weekend are opting to stick to tradition.

Michelle Czyzewicz says although she respects those who want a green wedding, she already has other priorities.

I'm more worried about what I'm going to look like and what I'm going to eat that day, Czyzewicz says.

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