FOX47 NEWS - Board To Decide Disciplinary Action For Grogan

Jeff Angileri
Jan 14, 2008, 10:21 PM

Nearly four years after breaking into a woman's home and passing out on the floor- the fate of Madison police officer Michael Grogan is in the hands of a city elected board.

Since Grogan was suspended 3 years ago, he has collected around 250-thousand dollars while not working.

Now the answer to whether or not the suspended police officer has a job- is days if not hours away.

Members of the Madison Police and Fire Commission held a closed door meeting to discuss what disciplinary actions to take against Grogan.

The board has the authority to impose a suspension, demotion or a separation from service.

In other words -they can decide to fire him.

Madison's police chief Nobel Wray wants Grogan fired for disorderly conduct.

But the decision is up to the board.

The record is complete. The jury is in the room. In fact this is the jury going into the jury room or if you like the judge going into his chambers. This is the judge jury deliberating on the case, says board attorney Scott Herrick.

In 2004, Grogan smashed down a door to a Waukesha County home and passed out inside of that house after crashing his car - he did not know the homeowners.

Grogan was convicted in 2006 for disorderly conduct.

According to law, the PFC's decision has to be issued in writing.

Which means it has to be drafted, approved and signed by the PFC.

Herrick says it could be a lengthy process.

City attorneys also want board members to re-examine the way they conduct their disciplinary process to find a way to make decisions like this move forward more quickly.

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