FOX47 NEWS - Cougar Spotting

Jeff Angileri
Jan 22, 2008, 10:58 PM

Wildlife biologist Doug Fendry believes a cougar is roaming the city of Milton.

Last Friday- a tracker followed foot prints in the snow to an abandoned barn and apparently found the big cat hiding on the second floor.

When he walked into the hay mound, out jumped a cougar and it jumped from the second story and took a ten foot leap, Fendry says.

Now Fendry and other trackers are trying to figure out where it came from.

He says there are about a dozen cougars, like these, in captivity in the state and the DNR is checking with those owners to see if one of them is missing.

Fendry also says it is possible the cat migrated from Iowa, South Dakota or Illinois.

If you look at where they've been found in other parts of this country. It could be a possibility it came from that area, Fendry says.

Along with documented tracks, Fendry has collected both blood and urine samples.

And while they wait for results on what it is- their focus is where it is.

At this point what we're planning on doing is just trying to monitor to see if it is still in the area and if it is, what kind of area it is using, Fendry says.

Although the wild animal is still on the loose Fendry says there isn't any cause for alarm.

If you look at other parts of this country, where we have quite a few cougars, it's very rare to have a problem between cougars and people, Fendry says.

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