FOX47 NEWS - Marshall Residents Want Village To Pay

Jeff Angileri
Feb 4, 2008, 11:13 PM

When Doug Monday returned home from vacation in July, he found a lot of his belongings covered in muck.

The toilet was flooded, the drain was flooded with that, Monday says.

All their hunting gear, winter clothes and other items soaked in sewage.

16-thousand dollars - destroyed

I was confused for a long time, what to do with all of our stuff, Monday says.

The village contracted Sun Prarie Sand and Gravel to replace underground pipes over the summer.

In the process the company broke a water main causing a massive flooding in many area homes.

Jayne Kilian was watching over the Monday's home and says a village official told her they would take care of the bill.

Those were his exact words, they will take care of it, Kilian says.

Monday says he tried to file a claim with both the village and the hired contractor.

But both denied responsibility.

They told us we were on our own, Monday says.

Barbara Tompkins and her husband Warren were told the same thing.

Two weeks ago they were told if they wanted their money they would have to sue the village.

But Tompkins says after paying all the legal fees, the case would leave them in the hole.

We decided it's too much money for us to sue the village and not get that much money in return, Barbara Tompkins says.

But they're not giving up.

Tompkins says they are working on putting together a petition to pass around the neighborhood to gather support.

She says by themselves they were powerless, but with the power of a community- hopefully they can get what they fell they deserve.

Village president Nancy Lenz says their insurance company has recommended they deny the claims.

She says pending the legal claims, the village board will no longer comment on the situation.

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