FOX47 NEWS - Busy Plucking Up Vehicles

Jeff Angileri
Feb 6, 2008, 11:26 PM

Steve Skala was driving up the Rimrock entrance to the belt line, when his semi all of a sudden spun and stopped moving.

Skala says he has to be on the road today, but says everyone else should stay home.

It's terrible, I don't think anyone should be out here, they should stay home, Skala says.

Tow truck driver Paul Hyneck says that was the biggest reason drivers were extremely busy today.

People are spinning around and they can't seem to keep it in control, Hyneck says.

Benji Kruger works with Schmidt's Auto Inc. which contracts with the city of Madison.

He has been working since seven this morning and plans to work throughout the night.

He says their focus was removing vehicles that became a hazard on city roads and the belt line- as for those stuck in ditches- they won't be plucked up until tomorrow morning.

There are cars all over in the ditches and we've been telling people to leave them and just go home, Kruger says.

Kruger says the company received more than 400 calls since seven Wednesday morning and expects at least a hundred more before the end of the night.

When I make my calls, I can hear people getting more calls in the background and I know they are getting frustrated, Kruger says.

After rush hour, the calls started to slow down-

Which was good news for Kruger because it will at least give him time to play catch up and pluck up more abandoned vehicles sprawled around Madison's roads.

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