FOX47 NEWS - A Team Effort

Jeff Angileri
Mar 2, 2008, 8:52 PM

You could hear the pounding from practically anywhere from inside Alliant Energy Center's Exhibition Hall.

Badger football players, using their brute strength to build a home.

We're out working for Habitat For Humanity- got quite a bity of guys about 60 guys from the badger men's football team, says Badger Football player Andy Kemp.

Being athletes, it was obvious they were strong enough.

But were they skilled in the art of home building?

Many of these guys never hammered a nail- or carried any boards, Kemp says.

It's fun because everyone things they're a handyman and you see them nailing stuff and miss, says Badger Matt Shaughnessy.

The team measured,cut and nailed together frames that will eventually be made into a single family home that will be built in July.

Habitat for humanity will be building 18 homes this summer for low income families.

It's affordable housing that's the issue here in Dane County. We're looking to get more homeowners into homes, says Habitat for Humanity's Cheryl McCollum.

It may have been a change of pace for majority of these players- but they say knowing that they are going to make a difference in peoples lives- makes it all worthwhile.

Just giving back to the community all the support they give us. And to give it back for people who need it, Kemp says.

The Badgers had an opportunity to sign a two-by four that will eventually be part of the home built in July.

So even though many of them will never meet the family they've helped- the family will always remember that they did.

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