FOX47 NEWS - Panic Buying

Jeff Angileri
Mar 5, 2008, 10:05 PM

Jim Kalscheur has Brett Favre's John Hancock on a number of collectables at his house.. including helmets and posters.

I have a lot of them in the house a lot of them upstairs in the barn put away and I don't know right now just where they all are, Kalscheur says.

Now other fans want to get their hands on a piece of Packer history.

Erik Bennett just bought a seven hundred dollar signed Brett Favre jersey from Tom Daniels Baseball Shoppe in Madison.

I wanted to get a hold of Favre autograph at some point and I figured now would be a good time, Bennett says.

It's like panic buying- you think there's not going to be anything available so you just get everything you can get, Says shop owner Tom Daniels.

Daniels says Brett Favre collectables, such as trading cards, have been going up in price because of rumors of his retirement over the last couple seasons.

But now that it's official- he expects values to increase.

There will be a peak in the next couple weeks and we'll probably sell a lot more than normal, Daniels says.

He says items with autographs are the hottest commodities.

Daniels says those items are rising in value, but how long that will last is too early to tell.

If he starts doing card shows, prices could go up, there could be a bigger supply and the prices could go down. Its really hard to say at this time, Daniels says.

With Favre being a shoe in for the football hall of fame- Daniels says it's safe to say the superstar's collectables will continue to hold their value.

Still, he advises those rushing to snatch these items up- to shop around.

Most of these stores, their price range will be in the same range, I would check around, to see the process, if it's way out of line, you don't want to buy it, Daniels says.

And if the price seems too good to be true, Daniels says it probably is.

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