FOX47 NEWS - Glorifying The Cathedral Fire

Jeff Angileri
Mar 13, 2008, 10:38 PM

Three years ago, a fire consumed Saint Raphael Cathedral in downtown Madison.

Turning the cities principal church- into ruins.

Monsignor Kevin Holmes remembers the day well.

At that that time I was assigned at st. Aloysius in Sauk City- so I was at the parish there when someone told me that the Cathedral was burning in Madison and that was a very sad day, Monsignor Holmes says.

But one man is celebrating that day of destruction.

A Florida satanist, Thomas Thorn, has a picture of the church fire on his Myspace page.

I would like to see a lot of things removed from the Internet...I suppose that would be one of them, the Monsignor says.

We contacted Myspace to have them look into the issue.

Under their terms of use- the site says they will remove any content that contains nudity, excessive violence or offensive subject matter.

But after looking at the picture- Myspace says it doesn't violate any of those terms.

But what is offensive are the comments underneath

Which praise the fire.

Calling it awesome.

Even beautiful.

What is the rational response to irrationality? says Monsignor Holmes.

He says the church doesn't have any plans to pursue the matter.

He says right now they are focusing on moving forward- salvaging what they can from the remains to add to the new cathedral when it's built.

I think that removing the ruins of the cathedral will feel like a step forward and will be part of the healing processes, Monsignor Holmes says.

A Catholic Advocacy group called Fidelis based out of Chicago got word of the picture from a local supporter here in Madison.

They have filed a formal complaint with Myspace to have the picture removed and are awaiting a response.

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