FOX47 NEWS - Tournament Tickets Tough To Find

Jeff Angileri
Mar 17, 2008, 10:43 PM

All eyes across Wisconsin will be on the Badger Men's basketball team this Thursday as they face off against Cal State Fullerton in the NCAA Tournament.

Bars and restaurants across the state will have the game plastered on all TV screens for those choosing to stay close to home,

But for those looking to go to the actual game may be out of luck.

All of the UW's 550 tickets are already gone.

Each school had their 350. Some have requested 200 more. You got all those and the remaining tickets are sold at the local venue, which in this case is Omaha. I was told it was sold out, says UW's Justin Doherty.

The stadium may be sold out for now, but if other schools don't use all their tickets, more could become available closer to tournament time.

Lets say cal state Fullerton doesn't use their whole allotment, they would turn in some of their tickets to the venue and the Qwest Center would theoretically make available 50 tickets or 100 tickets what ever they turn back, Doherty says.

And if you don't want to wait and are willing to pay- we found some tickets on-line.

Websites such as RazorGator and Ticket City have tickets available- but the lowest we found was around 250 dollars for one, and some as much as a thousand dollars a pop.

Still, some fans say they would rather stay home.

I don't get to travel, I don't have to pay, I can watch it on a big screen, says Badger fan Donnie Marx.

The Badgers will play the Cal State Fullerton Thursday night around 8:40pm.

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