FOX47 NEWS - Lottery Tickets For Badger Games

Jeff Angileri
Apr 8, 2008, 10:51 PM

UW upperclassmen use to have top choice to both tickets and seats to Badger football games,

But starting next year, it's a more level playing field.

We use to have a lottery for freshman and new students and transfers and we simply expanded that to include all students, says UW Senior Associate Athletics Director Vince Sweeney.

The UW made the changes after feedback they received from students through an online survey.

Many students, especially upperclassman, are upset with the new ticketing policy.

They say they've waited two years for the special treatment.

Especially since I am going to be an upper classmen next year, it would absolutely crush me if I couldn't go to a Badger game, says UW student Erica Zurawski.

I had to wait to be an upperclassman and now we don't automatically get them, we have to be in the boat with all the underclassman now, says UW junior student Nicholas Bertolas.

The new policy will also change seating arrangements.

Students will be given wristbands to determine what section they're in.

But where they sit is first come first serve.

Section P use to be reserved for upperclassman, whom by tradition would show up late to the game.

Now if they want those seats- they will have to be on time.

I think it's better to reward the students who get there early and on time, then to hold that section for those who arrive any time they wish, Sweeney says.

Still, some students like the new ticketing policy.

Amanda Greley is a freshman at the UW.

She says she's excited to be able to have a chance to go to the games and sit where she pleases.

I think it's nice to have everyone sit on every side of the stadium. Hopefully I get tickets, Greley says.

With the new ticket policy- she has a real good chance.

U-w officials say they made changes to the policy because of the high demand for Badger football tickets.

Last season- tickets sold out in less than three days.

Upperclassman still have a better chance to get tickets.

Seniors have four chances to enter the lottery. For juniors it's three, sophomores get two and freshman have one chance.

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