FOX47 NEWS - Cutting The Cost

Jeff Angileri
Apr 17, 2008, 11:18 PM

Kevin Coleman and his wife Jessie Chmell have always tried to minimize the time they spend in the car.

Coleman bikes to work year round- and when it comes to getting groceries,

We walk, we are about 2 blocks from the Willy Street Co-Op that's where everything we get comes from, Chmell says.

But like everyone else- there are trips they can't make by bike or foot.

The couple visits family in Chicago at least twice a month.

They started feeling the financial hit after every 300 mile round trip.

So last Thanksgiving, they bought a hybrid.

Coleman says they use to spend an average of $2,300 on gas each year with their old Subaru.

Now - they pay half as much.

We fill it up once a month and that includes the trip to chicago, which is the best part, Chmell says.

The couple religiously tracks how much they spend on gas each time they fill up. Last visit was the first time they spent more than thirty dollars on a tank.

Still, Madison Hybrid Group Spokesman Eric Powers says buying a hybrid is not the ultimate solution to the pain at the pump.

We all need to buy gas, and it's just one of the possible solutions out there, Powers says.

Coleman and Chmell both agree.

They only use their car twice a week on average.

They say even though they spend less at the pump- it doesn't mean they should be driving more.

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