FOX47 NEWS - Farmers Blame Weather For Being Off Schedule

Jeff Angileri
May 18, 2008, 6:57 PM

At the Derr farm in Marshall, they grow corn, soybeans and winter wheat,

But there isn't any work going on in the fields.
Equipment- parked and put away.

Instead farmers Bob and Jamie Derr are doing routine maintenance.

For right now we're going to have to wait, says Jamie Derr.

The reason these farmers aren't farming is because of the weather.

Most of the time when you get out and the ground is too wet, it makes everything stop, Jamie Derr says.

The ground level is so bad, it's coming out of the side of the hill! says Bob Derr.

Many farmers across south central Wisconsin are struggling with the same problem,

But the Derr's are more disadvantaged than typical farmers.

The guys that are conventional farming can go in with their diggers and dig it loose and gets air into it but we can't do that, Bob Derr says.

That's because the Derr's are No-Till farmers, planting seeds under last year's crops.

Because the method is less labor intensive, the farmers save money on diesel-but that also means the moisture stays in the ground.

The Derr's say that moisture has put them nearly two weeks behind schedule.

Yeah we were done last year around this time everything was probably out of the ground already, Bob Derr says.

The farmers worked till sundown Saturday.

They say at this point- whenever conditions are good, they need to work as long as they can to catch up.

No one likes to be out at night, but when you have the chance to go a lot guys are putting in the long hours, Jamie Derr says.

For now, they sit and hope for another opportunity to work.

We need to get rid of these clouds, get the sun out and get some heat! That's what we need most of all! says Bob Derr.

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