FOX47 NEWS - Pamphlet Accuses Woodman's Of Harassing Employees

Jeff Angileri
May 21, 2008, 10:53 PM

Shoppers here at Woodman's food market on Madison's west side may be receiving more than just store coupons.

This pamphlet was sent out to households across south central Wisconsin.

The letter is from a local union called UFCW that represents Woodman's employees.
on the outside- the letter says

Your friends and neighbors working at woodman's are under attack.

Inside are quotes from two supposed employees.

One saying-

I support the union. So I've had my schedule changed constantly, I've been harassed- I have even been moved to the register nearest to management, so that they can keep an eye on me.

The other saying-

People are scared. And I don't blame them, the way the company's acting, threatening everybody who's for the union.

Woodman's Store Vice President Clint Woodman says those accusations are false.

They are not being harassed, threatened or intimidated like the union says that they are.. it's just a bunch of lies.

The pamphlet is in response to the companies decision to no longer recognize union contracts of employees in their Madison, Janesville and Beloit stores.

Woodman says the decision was made because that's what the employees want.

More than half of the employees put it in writing - signing a petition - saying they no longer want to be union members.

We are just trying to support our employees, it was totally up to them whether they want to be union or not. They decided that they don't want to be, Woodman says.

The union pamphlet asks shoppers to boycott Woodman's store.

Woodman says that sends the wrong message.

They're telling everyone not to shop at Woodman's what do you think that's going to do to their employees? It's going to make them lose their jobs, Woodman says.

After several attempts, we were unable to get in contact with the union who sent out the pamphlets.

The Woodman's company has no plans to retaliate against the letters.

Woodman's employees pay up to 40 dollars a month to be in the union - and some say - it's not worth it.

The national labor relations board will decide if the petition is valid and the union should be dissolved.

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