FOX47 NEWS - New Equipment Donated In Doctors Name

Jeff Angileri
May 22, 2008, 10:38 PM

At Warner Park in Madison swarms of police officers wore bullet proof vests, helmets and grabbed high powered guns.

Training among the heavily armed police were Madison Fire EMTs.

In the past we did emergency training at the paramedic level, but this training has a different twist, says paramedic Dan Williams.

The EMTs are wearing heavy duty helmets, body armor and carrying duffel bags of medical equipment.

All purchased with an $18,000 grant made by Physicians Plus Insurance Group and the Meriter Foundation in the name of Dr. Darren Bean, the physician killed in the med flight crash almost two weeks ago.

It's using equipment that we are traditionally not use to wearing involving working in dark circumstances, laying low to stay out of harms way, so it's a new change for us, Williams says.

That change, both fire and police say could be the difference between life and death.

The police would need to make that scene completely safe before we could bring medical emergency response in, says Madison Police Captain Cam McLay.

Now with the equipment- EMTs can be in the thick of things.

Side by side with police during crisis situations.

Which means quicker response times.

And potentially saving lives.

In the event of an injury response will be measured in seconds rather than minutes, Mclay says.

That is a huge change, when seconds count, we are going to be able to address their injuries in a timely matter hopefully saving lives, Williams says.

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