FOX47 NEWS - Dane Co. Farmers Assess Damage

Jeff Angileri
Jun 16, 2008, 10:08 PM

The flood damage in Dane County alone is staggering--$36 million and rising, including $28 million in agricultural losses.

The evidence is everywhere on David Charles Anthony's farm. A once fertile corn field, now washed away, leaving a yellow river of dirt. A seasonal holding pond, usually dry in the summer, now five feet deep with water runoff. In 78 years, David Anthony's never seen it so bad.

Our corn is under water, he says. Our oats and peas...Some of that is under water. We don't think we can replant because it's too late in the season.

That's where FEMA comes in, helping out financially, to cover the costs of this devastating natural disaster.

Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk says, Now we're through the worst of the rain. It's time to collect and assess what damage you had. Get it to your municipality, so we can forward those numbers to the federal government.

With fields still saturated, roads looking like rivers, and barns flooded, people in dane county hope relief comes soon.

Anthony says, Hopefully we'll get some help from the federal government, so we can keep operating. I have a small dairy operation, but we hope to keep going.

President bush has declared 7 Wisconsin counties federal disaster areas - which means people there are eligible for aid.

Dane County is not one of them at this point, but FEMA officials will be here to assess damages on Thursday.

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