FOX47 NEWS - Rock River Wrath

Jeff Angileri
Jun 17, 2008, 10:58 PM

It's never been this high, said Doug Sherman of Newville. I've been here all my life. It's never been this high before.

They're calling it the raging river. A swollen, brown rush of water inundating downtown Janesville, forcing people and businesses owners to flee. Not even sandbagging could spare the United Way...Its members now working in a cramped law office three blocks west.

Rock Co. United Way Director Gail Graham said, We've managed to get our server out of the building, so that we have all our files and all our data. We're able to access that now. We're completely in business, just in another location.

Further north, where the Rock Rriver exits Lake Koshkonong, there's a line of pick-up trucks at the Red Apple. People of all ages are working 20 hours a day, filling sandbags by the thousands. And they've been doing it all week.

I sandbagged my house,said Doug Sherman. I had a lot of friends show up friday morning. I though I'd only have to do around my garage, and then the water just came up.

River side marinas, restaurants, not even playgrounds could escape the floods.

We just had one of the areas that they've been sandbagging, said Mary Sherman. One of the walls of sand caved in and just swamped all the houses.

And as the Rock River runs higher, flooding even more of saturated Newville, residents are running out of time and options.

Mary said, People's emotions are just...They don't know what to do yet.

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