FOX47 NEWS - Downtown Possibilities

Jeff Angileri
Jun 24, 2008, 9:58 PM

People in Madison shared some big ideas this evening, on how to attract new visitors downtown.

Tonight's discussion focused on getting people to come here, and making Madison a destination city.

Part of that includes promoting State Street as a shopping and retail destination similar to Chicago's Michigan Avenue and New York's Times Square.

Accessible parking and easy-to-read signs are crucial to getting people downtown.

And while visitors are here, planners hope to give them a taste of the green movement.

Krista Flanagan, Vice President of Marketing for G.M.C.V.B., says We have a real legacy in terms of environmental stewardship. So that's really an important piece of this destination that anything we do in terms of planning or economic development that we really keep an eye on sustaining our resources and being very smart about how we grow, or who we attract, or what we do.

People at tonight's meeting also want to make Madison's lakes more accessible, so people can really enjoy the water, and not just stare at it from shore.

And finally, there's real interest in expanding Madison's convention and expo events.

After all, the Monona Terrece already ranks highly as a tourist draw.

The downtown meetings continue tomorrow at 5pm and 7pm.

The topics are transportation and business

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