FOX47 NEWS - Bicyclist Hit and Run

Jeff Angileri
Jul 2, 2008, 9:55 PM

Dane County deputies are looking for a hit and run driver who left a cyclist for dead in the Town of Verona Wednesday morning.

According to the Dane County Sheriff's Department, the bicyclist was riding south on Fitchrona Road and making a left turn, when a dark colored pickup truck, carrying a flatbed trailer, tried to pass him illegally on the left, hit him, and fled the scene.

People familiar with the intersection say they take extra precaution, since it's about a half mile from the posted bike trails.

Susan Levan, of New Glarus, says, When I have no bike path, I have to stay far to the left, almost to the point where I'm the area between the curb and the gutter.

Kathleen Stoga of Madison said riding without bike path is, Real uncomfortable, very uncomfortable in those situations, just really again, have to be very very careful, both what's on the left and right side.

With cars and bikes sharing the same roads, bicyclists say accidents will always happen, but this particular incident is causing outrage.

Brian Conger, Outreach Coordinator of the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin, said, The fact that he just left the bicyclist injured on the road without stopping is just a criminal offense and we're very saddened and angered.

Others offered advice for people behind the wheel, who approach a biker on the road.

Said Chris Niendorf of Madison, The right of way I think is probably the key--just making sure that if you see someone coming, realize that they're not as fast as you are, and you should give them some room.

The man injured in Wednesday's crash was taken to UW Hospital. His injuries are serious, but not life-threatening.

If you have any information about the hit and run on Fitchrona Road, please call the Dane County tip line at 608-284-6900.

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