FOX47 NEWS - Smash & Grab

Jeff Angileri
Jul 22, 2008, 9:16 PM

A bold daylight burglary at a Cottage Grove computer store was all caught on tape.

Sunday morning, thieves used a golf club and then a rock to break the glass at Byte Size Solutions.

The store's surveillance cameras captured one of the burglars ripping out laptop computer after laptop computer and then handing the stolen merchandise through the broken glass to an accomplice.

The stores management says a security system equipped with a motion sensor failed and that allowed the thief to get into the back storage room.

The thieves made off with 30,000 dollars worth of merchandise.

The store's manager says they were already planning to change locations, since they were also burglarized back in January.

We were ready to move, we were ready to get things up and going, we need a bigger location for our store here, and right when we though we were out in the clear, it happens again said, store manager Behren Tucker.

The store's cameras did get a good image of the thief, when he lowered a bandana, which covered his face.

The thieves evidentally waited after breaking the window to see if police, or anyone would respond to any store security alarms.

When no one responded, they cleaned out the store.

Police say they are looking for suspects and are welcome to any tips from the public.

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