FOX47 NEWS - Bomb Scare Suspect in Custody

Jeff Angileri
Jul 30, 2008, 9:44 PM

Around noon Wednesday, Madison police detectives and the Dane County bomb squad were called to Main Street to investigate another suspicious package.

Investigators arrested a man they believe is responsible for the potentially explosive devices.

Two days, two bomb threats in downtown Madison, and detectives are crediting two construction workers with connecting the cases.

Police say those workers saw a man attaching a smoking backpack to a tree on Tuesday, including what looked like an improvised explosive device. The Dane County bomb squad detonated the backpack, and is investigating the remains.

Whether or not it actually had the capability of blowing up or not, we don't know at this point, because those items that were inside are being tested, said MPD spokesman Joel DeSpain.

According to police, the construction workers saw the same man Wednesday. When police tried to arrest him, he threatened them.

He did have some type of sharp object in his hand and did threaten our detective with that weapon, said DeSpain.

They also found items of concern on a bicycle and saddlebags the man was using, and called the bomb squad in, again to deal with them.

Police hope to get answers from the suspect, 67-year-old David R. Floyd. They're recommending two charges--one for a felony bomb scare for Tuesday's incident; the other for armed disorderly conduct Wednesday.

Meanwhile, people who work along Capitol Square say they felt a sense of bomb scare deja vu, and were trying to work around the road closures.

People that get their car pools to and from work--if this is blocked off for a certain time during the day--you're stuck, said Carol Benson, who works at the Capitol.

Police opened up Main Street around 3 p.m. Wednesday after authorities deemed the area safe.

As for the suspect, David Floyd, police say he did not use a note or phone-in the bomb threat. They say the suspicious package alone, which looked threatening to a trained bomb-squad eye, was enough to constitute a threat.

There was a string of pipe bomb attacks in the Dane County parking ramp several years ago--no one was ever arrested. Police don't believe Floyd was involved in those incidents. He does not fit the suspect's profile.

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