FOX47 NEWS - Mazomanie: Coolest Small Town

Jeff Angileri
Sep 7, 2008, 6:35 PM

Mazomanie, Wisconsin is now a destination place thanks to Budget Travel Magazine. From bistros to bike shoppes, to bed and breakfast joints, it's one of coolest small towns in the U.S.

They love the building, they love the atmosphere, said Bistro and Gallery owner Nancy Jo Wirth. It's relaxed.

I ride my bike all the time, said resident Luella Hodgson.

And in this village of 1,500 people, you'll find dozens of artists taking up residence. Galleries and shops are opening left and right, spurred by a restoration of the historic downtown.

When the buildings were restored, it was just a natural progression for artists to come into the community to show their work, said Bob Brumley, President of the Mazomanie Chamber of Commerce.

Many artists are incorporating the history of their buildings into their galleries, like Janet Easley, Gallery Co-op member.

This used to be Joe's Barber Shop and if you look over there on the floor you still see the stands where the barber shop stools stood, said Easley.

The galleries are filled with unique community art projects, where anyone can paint, draw, or sculpt part of the artwork.

Easley said, To get young people involved in art--all generations involved in art, and to show as artists we don't just take, we want to give back.

And while residents admit coolness is relative, they're still proud of a place where even the cars have personality.


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