FOX47 NEWS - Early Voting Begins

Jeff Angileri
Oct 6, 2008, 9:09 PM

Absentee voting is underway across Wisconsin, though not without delays in Milwaukee, Oshkosh, and here in Madison.

City workers were busy finalizing ballots -- some arrived Friday, the rest -- Monday morning.

Voters trickled in early, taking advantage of Wisconsin's absentee voting.

It was really easy, said Jacqueline Kent, of Madison. If you've already registered to vote, you just go up, and they look for you in the computer system. Otherwise, you can register right there at the polls, and then cast your ballot.

I think it's worth it if you know who you're going to vote for, you're excited about it, and you want to avoid the hassle on the 4th, said Alyssa Franze of Waukesha.

Election officials are expecting huge turnout this year, thanks to the presidential race.

We're increasing the number of poll workers, we're also asking for volunteers to help out at the polls, said Adam Gallagher, Deputy Clerk, City of Madison. So, we are trying to expedite the process of going to the polls.

Officials say absentee ballots help cut down long lines. And whether they're mailed in, or filled out in person, election officials promise the voting is secure.

We record that we received the absentee ballot, and we store the ballots in the vault, said Gallagher.

The votes are then opened by poll workers on election day, and tallied along with other votes.

It allows more people to get involved than might otherwise be involved, said Eric Eagon of Winneconne. I'm going to be volunteering all day on November 4th, so I wanted to make sure I got in here ahead of time.

Absentee ballot information: http://elections.state.wi.us/faq_que_list.asp?fid=8&locid=47

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