FOX47 NEWS - John Kerry Stumps for Obama in Madison

Jeff Angileri
Oct 14, 2008, 10:15 PM

Another boost for the Obama campaign in Madison Tuesday, as John Kerry rallied democrats on the capitol steps -- the same place he held his own presidential rally four years ago. That event drew more than 80,000 people. This time around, a much smaller crowd, but the message of change remained the same.

This is too serious, it's too important to all of us, and the choices are too big, Kerry said.

From the financial crisis, to Iraq -- from healthcare to the environment, John Kerry said Barack Obama is the man to fix it all. He praised Obama at Tuesday's rally, invoking memories of his own 2004 run for the white house.

I am so proud that the man I chose to give the keynote address at my convention is carrying that standard now and will be the next president of the United States, Kerry said.

Kerry called the state of Wisconsin progressive, thoughtful and connected to what's happening. Voters at the rally said this is an election about change, and they want Obama to lead the charge.

One third of our country is uninsured and underinsured, said Lora Schmid-Dolan, of Madison. People can't afford to pay for premiums, the can't afford to pay for treatment.

There's disparity between the middle class and the upper in the wealth distribution that's happened under the Republicans, said Richard Armstrong of Madison.

The possibility that he represents, the changes that he could make, the new hope, and also being a first time voter -- it's exciting, said Lakayana Drury of Madison

A group of Republican supporters stood silent, and off to the side at the rally. John McCain supporters say they're banking on a repeat of the last election.

Chris Taylor, of Republican National Committee, said, In 2004, America came together and they rejected Senator Kerry due to his plans for higher taxes. Four years later, we see the same time being put forth by Barack Obama.

But Kerry says the argument for leadership changes in Washington has only gotten stronger.

When I ran we hand an economy in this country that wasn't bad. Today, it's terrible. When I ran, we were one year into the war, now we're almost six years.

Another difference between today and four years ago -- the absence of the Boss. Bruce Springsteen played John Kerry's rally in 2004. He did not serenade the crowd this time around, but Senator Kerry joked the singer was there in spirit.

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