FOX47 NEWS - Sober Alternative to Freakfest

Jeff Angileri
Oct 26, 2008, 6:09 PM

Madison and Freakfest -- it's an infamous relationship -- and one that some people are trying to break up.

Members of a UW student group have come up with a sober alternative. They're calling it Shriek Week. It's a celebration with all the spooky trappings of Halloween, but without the booze.

There really is something for everybody and an opportunity to create whatever you want to see on campus, besides drinking and dangerous activities, said Shira Weiner, of the Wisconsin Union Directorate.

Among the events: a haunted house filled with student actors, ghost story telling, and a walking tour of the most haunted places on the uw campus.

I think it's a really great opportunity to get involved in Halloween in a way that's safe and fun, and really gets down to the heart of the tradition, said Erin Herget of the Global Connections Committee. Halloween's not really about going out and getting wasted.

And for those who feel obliged to make an appearance on State Street, Shriek Week concludes Sunday morning, with a Halloween clean-up contest. There will be prizes.

My ultimate hope is that students enjoy themselves and that the community and administration see that there's some UW students that are interested in not just partying on State Street, said Weiner.

All the events are free, and open to students, faculty, staff, and any guests they bring along.

Complete list of events: www.union.wisc.edu/WUD

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