FOX47 NEWS - Keeping the Faith

Jeff Angileri
Dec 14, 2008, 6:43 PM

While we wait for the leaders in Washington to put together some kind of economic recovery plan, some people are appealing to a higher power.

As 2008 comes to a close, it seems, there's a lot to pray for. This week, parishioners at Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Madison prayed for prosperity, community, even seasonable weather

We have quite a bit of commonality experiencing war, famine, stress, hunger, homelessness, and even being dislocated, said Father Fred Janecek.

And with the threat of financial crisis, church members say they're finding comfort in faith.

For me, it's what gets me over the tough spots, said parishioner Margo Josheff. Even though time are tough for individuals, there's always someone out there who has it a little tougher, that's going through a few more trials and tribulations.

Southern Wisconsin has certainly seen its share. Over the summer, church goers in Wisconsin Dells prayed for flood victims. In October, parishioners brought in their bills and 401(k)s and said a mass prayer for economic and personal relief. But while there may be a lot more praying going on, that doesn't mean faith is packing people into pews.

It's an intangible, abstract element, faith is, it's not something you can buy at the bank. You can't buy stocks with faith, said David Giffey, iconographer for Assumption Greek Orthodox Church. People don't suddenly become people of faith, or change a lifelong belief system in a moment of crisis.

Historians agree.

During the great depression, some churches increased membership, others didn't, a lot of people turned to social activism through the churches, said Professor Charles Cohen, Director Lubar Institute.

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