FOX47 NEWS - Recession Weddings

Jeff Angileri
Jan 10, 2009, 6:11 PM

The poor economy is forcing people to cut spending across the board -- and focus on necessities. That doesn't translate well when it comes to planning an expensive wedding.

With the average cost of a Madison wedding running $29,000, what's a bride to do in a recession?

You want the perfect white dress, bridesmaids, nice reception hall, good cake, flowers, said Andrea Skalitzky of Madison.

As one woman told us -- it's enough to turn even the most mild mannered girl into a bridezilla -- the economy putting a kibosh on dream weddings.

Our honey moon was supposed to be a $6,000 honeymoon, said Brenda Alt of Verona. Now, it might turn into a weekend getaway.

We're trying to keep everything as affordable as we can, said Skalitzky. You still want to get married, you still want to have your wedding.

Which means more prioritizing, and less splurging.

Some people are definitely about the flowers. Some are definitely about the dress. So, it just varies on what they cut back on, said April Brady with The Wedding Planner & Guide.

I think we're much more conscientious about where we're spending it, said Kristy Kounovsky of Madison. I'm a grad student, so my income's pretty much fixed.

Vendors are noticing the difference, too. One of the biggest changes -- fewer invitations.

I think they're planning smaller weddings than they did years ago, said Pam Sanderson, sales manager with Holiday Inn. I suggest still planning ahead -- there will be a lot more savings if they do that.

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