FOX47 NEWS - Lawmakers React to Governor's Speech

Jeff Angileri
Feb 17, 2009, 11:58 PM

Reaction from lawmakers has been predictable -- democrats support it, republicans don't.

House minority leader Jeff Fitzgerald said Governor Doyle's plan is big on taxes and short on details. Republicans say they didn't hear specifics when it comes to $2.2 billion in state agency cuts Doyle said he'd make.

Fitzgerald ran through a long list of new taxes he says Doyle is relying on to pull the state out of its budget hole.

You have an iPod tax on any downloads you can do, you have a tax on business software and income tax, a capital gains tax, a cigarette tax, a gas tax, these are all the taxes, he said.

Republicans say raising taxes is the worst thing the state could do in a recession. They're also critical of Doyle's reliance on federal stimulus money. They say it's a one time gift and when it runs out, the state's finances could be tight again.

Republicans are concerned over how the federal stimulus money will be spent. They're hoping for strict oversight of Wisconsin's anticipated $2.1 billion in stimulus money.

The assembly is expected to consider the governor's budget bill Wednesday.

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