FOX47 NEWS - Phone Outage

Jeff Angileri
Feb 25, 2009, 10:30 PM

You couldn't drop a line to a people living on the east side of Madison this week. AT&T says a third-party contractor caused damage to some phone lines in the area on Monday.

The outage happened along First Street, between East Washington and Atwood Avenue. Crews were dispatched immediately to the site and worked around the clock to repair the damage. Phone technicians spent Wednesday underground, working on the buried phone lines. Residents say it was difficult to cope without phone service for the week.

I'm dealing with doctors appointments, and I'm waiting to hear the results of an MRI. If they're not able to contact me I'll have to call them with my cell number, said Linda Stephenson of Madison.

Parts of First Avenue and East Main Street were cordoned off while crews worked to repair the phone lines.

AT&T didn't have official numbers on how many people were affected. Residents we spoke with say at most, a couple dozen people were impacted.

AT&T expects to have service back up and running for those affected customers by Wednesday night.

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