FOX47 NEWS - 10-Year Accident Reunion

Jeff Angileri
Mar 28, 2009, 6:22 PM

At a rest stop on Interstate 90, two trees serve as a memorial for the seven people killed back on March 25, 1999. They were part of a traveling magazine sales crew. The accident happened after police tried to stop the van the crew was driving.

Ten years later, friends, family members, and law enforcement gathered on a frigid windy day, to comfort, to pray and to relive memories of the victims.

Bonita Lettman lost her daughter in the accident.

We don't lose touch. We're friends. There's a spot in my heart for everyone that's been involved with this, she said.

Albert Roberts feels similar pain over his son, I have a little angel I put in that tree -- probably one of the best photographs I've ever taken. I call it 'rest area 17.'

Amid the tears, hugs, and sadness, family members say they came this year with a renewed sense of purpose, spurred by a recent success story. With the legislature's and the governor's approval, Wisconsin now has the toughest regulations on companies using traveling sales crews.

I'm cold and empty inside from the loss of never having her back again, but I'm glad that all this has been accomplished, Lettman said.

Other people may not have to go thru this, Roberts said. That's what's more important than anything.

The new law, which was inspired by one of the victims, is called Malinda's Act. It aims to stop companies from putting workers in dangerous and unfair working conditions. Family members are currently working with other states to pass similar laws.

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