FOX47 NEWS - Celebrating Earth Day

Jeff Angileri
Apr 18, 2009, 6:11 PM

Earth Day is April 22nd. Madisonians got a head start celebrating.

After all, in Madison, it can often seem like everyday is Earth Day.

Thirty-nine years after a University of Wisconsin graduate founded Earth Day, current UW students carried on the environmental tradition.

The historical society has a display on Gaylord Nelson. It's pretty cool that the guy who made Earth Day is from this area and the UW campus, said Matt Wessale, UW student.

Student organizations circled library mall, using recycled materials to play games and spread awareness.

People learn how to recycle, why tap water is better than buying bottled water, and how to impact legislation, said Sarah Bartlett, UW student.

All across the city, Earth Day events focused on impact and sustainability. On the far east side, people shopped for salvaged home building materials at Habitat ReStore. They're cheaper than buying new, and good for the earth.

This whole system we have here saved 4,000 tons from the landfills. So, it's a fantastic way to keep this material out of the trash, said Jennifer Voichick, of Habitat ReStore.

From worm composting to solar panels to rain water barrels, today's green thinkers say Earth Day is no longer just about the 3Rs -- reduce, reuse, recycle.

Said Vi Bergum, who dressed as Mother Earth, It's so much more possible for people to be able to improve the earth, save it, save the planet.

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