FOX47 NEWS - Do-It-Yourself Mentality

Jeff Angileri
May 24, 2009, 5:41 PM

It's a time of self-reliance and ingenuity. Customers are flocking to local hardware stores, ready to tackle plumbing, electrical work, automotive repairs, lawn care and gardening.

Our sales have been up for about a month now. There's no question about it, said Clyde Tunak, manager of Ace Hardware in Cottage Grove.

The economic recession is putting a financial spin on home improvement this year.

All cost and the economy today, said Julie Gribbon of Cottage Grove. You've got to do it yourself these days. You can't afford to hire to get it done.

Tighter budgets mean people can't afford to hire contractors or pay for labor, so they're doing the work themselves.

Part of the reason with the layoffs is they have the time, Tunak said. They might as well save that money and do it themselves. I think it becomes fun for them at the same time. You have a feeling of self-satisfaction you were able to accomplish this.

And customers are relying on local experts to share their know-how.

As you're giving them that information and helping them out, you want to make sure you explained it well, so that they could do it themselves, said Tunak.

The change in seasons is helping, too. Warmer weather has people itching to get outdoors.

Today, we're staining a pergola outside our house, said Greg Choate of Cottage Grove. It saves us money, and then we get to do the project on our time when we want to schedule it.

Home improvement experts at Ace Hardware advise people to be careful and be prepared when it comes to fixing things yourself. Some projects can be dangerous or make a problem even worse.

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