Jeff Angileri
Nov 26, 2008, 9:21 PM

In the past decade, more than 180 kids were killed when TVs, dressers and bookshelves tipped over and crushed them.

The situation is so serious, the Consumer Product Safety Commission mentioned the hazard in its recent safety review.

Safety experts say toddlers are especially prone to these types of tragedies.

Children look to it as sort of a challenge, a Mt. Everest kind of thing, said Nan Peterson, clinical nurse specialist at American Family Children's Hospital. Children can pull out the bottom drawer of a dresser and use it as a stepping stone or a ladder.

TVs, dressers, and bookcases are the main tipover hazards. But experts say prevention is easy.

Make sure that you're not putting something that's really tempting to your child on top of the TV or on top of the dresser, Peterson said.

Anchor brackets and safety straps are available for just a few dollars. Furniture makers are not required to supply these items, which can save lives.

CPSC is working with the voluntary standards community to make sure that an anchor is supplied with that piece of furniture or appliance that you buy, said Patty Davis, CPSC spokesperson. It's important that if you get an anchor with a piece of furniture -- and some are available now -- that you actually install it.

Industry standards only require furniture to pass a stability test. Safety experts say even sturdy furniture can be tipped by a child.

Online: http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/pubs/tsr1008.pdf