Jeff Angileri
May 13, 2009, 4:39 PM

New technology is changing the way people see out of their glasses. It's the latest thing to go high definition -- optical high def scans.

Like everything else people wear on their bodies, eye glasses come in all shapes and sizes.

You could have the best looking frame on the board, but if you can't see well out of them, it doesn't make much difference for you. You're frustrated, you're stressed out, your eyes hurt, said Kyle Kravick, with Davis Duehr Dean.

Now, imagine the perfect fit.

It's instant. You get a big 'wow' right away when they put their glasses on, Kravick said.

Kravick says new eye terminals are making it possible to adjust lenses and frames to fit a person's individual face, making it easier to see more in greater detail.

So, if you're doing tasks at arms length, working on a computer, it's a wider zone. You don't see people bobbing and weaving with their head anymore because the zones are much wider.

Here's how it works: patients wear a special brace, and a computer takes hi def pictures of the eyes and face. People in the eye care industry say just like custom made shoes, this technology helps patients get the perfect fit.

The HD scans also make it easier to copy celebrity styles. One American Idol contestant is topping the eye care charts.

They can take a look at how they look in a Danny Gokey style, and compare that to another style.

And Kravick says, it's nice to see what you look like before you buy some flashy specs.

The HD scan takes about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the patient. People with Davis Duehr Dean say eventually this will be the standard in eye care offices.