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Madison- Hall of Famer Paul Molitor spent 15 of his 21 MLB seasons with the Brewers.  Nicknamed "The Ignitor," Molitor racked up 3,319 hits during his career.  Currently an instructor in the Twins minor league system, Paul can't keep his eyes off his original big league club. 

"They're rebuilding again.  But I did see them play four games against the Twins earlier this year.  Have to tell ya, I'm impressed by Segura probably more than anybody.  I think that's a nice pick-up... They're having a rough time with their starting pitching... trying to find their way.  But that's kinda how you get better." 

Molitor also weighed in on Ryan Braun and the continuing "Steroid Era" debate. 

"Anybody who's had a direct connection... they're not gonna get in.  That's my opinion.  I don't think it's gonna change.  Ryan- who I know- have a lot of respect for, tremendous talent.  Do I know exactly what traspired there?  No I don't.  But I like the whole 'innocent 'til proven guilty thing,' too.  So we'll see how it plays out.  Let's hope that baseball can kinda move on." 

1-on-1 with Paul Molitor

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