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Madison- Badgers freshman Annie Pankowski isn't wasting time making an impact for UW. She leads the team with 14 goals, and it sounds like she's just getting started.

But her drive comes from one of the biggest failures of her hockey career. Pankowski didn't make the cut for the U.S. Women's National Team that took silver in Sochi.

After getting the chance to train with some of the best players in the world- including a handful of former Badgers- Annie knows what it takes to become an elite player. Now she's using the pain of getting cut as motivation to make it to the next level.


"It was devastating. It was probably the biggest setback I've had in my career - it wasn't easy to take, so I had to pick up and move from Boston and go back to my prep school and go play high school hockey again.  So that was really hard, but I grew a lot as a person from it, so it's hard to say it was an all negative experience. I know what the highest level is and I know what I have to do every day to get there... Bring my best-- even when I know I don't want to even on the days when it's really hard and it's snowing and school's hard and it's just all that. It's showing up ready to play, ready to compete every single time you're on the ice or in the weight room."

**Story by Fox 47's Eric Rajala

Pankowski's hungrier than ever

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