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MADISON, Wis. - The Dane County Humane Society is against the proposed ordinance that would make it mandatory to spay or neuter pit bulls, according to a release.

According to the release, research shows that communities that have implemented similar programs have not seen a decrease in the populations the municipalities sought to control; instead the programs increased the number of dogs brought to animal shelters.

DCHS officials list other concerns with the ordinance including the definition of pit bulls based on breed, looks and actions; the subjective identification of pit bull dog based on “looks like or acts like a pittie;” and the reinforcement of pit bulls as “bad dogs.”

“Laws that ban specific breeds do not prevent or stop harm or damage caused by companion animals. Owners and guardians of all breeds must be held accountable for the actions and behaviors of their companion animals. They have the ultimate responsibility for any harm or damage that their pets do to people, property or other animals,” DCHS officials said in a statement.

DCHS officials said they recommend that resources targeted for the enforcement of a mandatory spay or neuter ordinance for pit bulls be used to provide low-cost and no-cost spay or neuter options.

“DCHS currently offers reduced spay/neuter surgeries every week for pit bull terriers, a ‘Positively Pitties’ training class and a Community Dog Day Program that focuses on sharing available low cost spay/neuter options and providing assistance to specific communities where DCHS sees a high intake of stray animals, especially pit bull terriers,” DCHS Public Relations Coordinator Gayle Viney said in the release.

DCHS officials said ordinances like the mandatory spay or neuter proposal must balance societal needs with the interest of the animals.

DCHS is urging its supports to email and call the Madison Common Council and ask them to vote no to the ordinance, according to the release. The city council will vote on the proposed ordinance during its meeting Tuesday

DCHS opposes bill requiring the spaying or neutering of pit bulls Wednesday, March 12 2014, 09:56 PM CDT

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