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More than 1,000 people in Wisconsin and out of state received phone calls from an automated system claiming to a local credit union helping its members, but it was all a scam.

Fort Community Credit Union has been fielding calls from members and non-members about robocalls that claim their MasterCard debit or credit card was compromised.

The calls started Thursday night and reached members at branches in Jefferson and Whitewater. They also reached nonmembers in other parts of Wisconsin, some as far as Arizona, even Fort Community Credit Union received a phone call.

Friday and Saturday the credit union was busier than usual as customers came in or called the branch to retrieve new card numbers.

Logan Schwandt, a member at Fort Community Credit Union, said he received three automated calls.

"It was just a computer voice saying for security reasons there was a block on my card and they wanted to reopen it. If you followed it then they'd ask you for your card number and pin number," said Schwandt.

Schwandt said he knew something was strange and did not give his card information, but some other members did not catch the warning signs.

"From there fraudsters are able to produce fake counterfeit MasterCards and withdraw money from ATMs because they also had a pin number," said Sue Johnson, senior vice president of operations at Fort Community Credit Union.

Since they began receiving several calls on Friday, Fort Community Credit Union has been working to resolve the problem, issuing new cards to actual members.

Johnson said they have blocked international activity on member accounts since they notice fraudulent activity in Mexico, Italy and an attempt in Romania. She went on to say affected members have been contacted and may be inconvenienced for a day or two.

Johnson advised consumers to never give out their personal financial information. She added if you receieve a call and you don't know if it's legitimate or not then hang up and call your financial institution. They will verify if it is a legitimate request and would never request your pin number.

Fort Community Credit Union estimated their losses could be a couple thousand dollars.

Schwandt said his friends also received the same automated call, but their caller stated it was calling from UW Credit Union, not Fort Community Credit Union.

If you did not give out your card information credit union officials said your account is fine.

If you did and need to contact fraud services during their off hours you can call their 24 hour phone lines.

For debit cards call (800) 264-5578 and credit cards (866) 820-6779.








Ft. Atkinson credit union victimized in scam Sunday, March 9 2014, 03:16 PM CDT

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