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MADISON, Wi. - Madison police and business owners are
preparing for what could be a significant show of Badger fandom after
Saturday's Elite Eight match up against Arizona.  They're just hoping people do so safely.


Buck And Badger owner Jack Sosnowski said he plans to
increase staff by 50% Saturday to brace for the fan fest.  He said even though crowds have been known to
get out of hand for other events like Freakfest, he's not too concerned for the


"We will definitely staff up and have the door guys
on alert but we will be prepared for it. We are use to big events
downtown," Sosnowski said.


UW Madison Police spokesperson Marc Lovicott said the
force expects a huge turnout downtown, and UWPD is working with Madison Police
to increase patrols in the area.


"We're letting folks know that we are going to out
there and watching out for their safety," Lovicott said.  "We are letting the student body and
visitors that are downtown that we are expecting them to be responsible

Law enforcement prepares for post-game celebration Friday, March 28 2014, 10:25 PM CDT

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