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State investigators are hoping within the next day to
complete their report into last week's roller coaster accident in the Wisconsin
Dells that injured a 64-year-old man.


Zillmer, a spokeswoman with the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional
Services (DSPS), said the agency is waiting on details from Zamperla
Manufacturing, which constructed the Opa roller coaster, before releasing its
report on the matter.


records show the coaster had been inspected eight times since 2006, most recently
last May. The only problems state investigators found were in September 2008
when Mt. Olympus was required to fix protruding corners, studs, bolts and
screws on all of the ride's passenger-carrying devices. Other problems
identified were the lack of padding on the lap bar in the middle of one of the
ride's cars and another one did not have a readable warning label.


records show the resort completed the work by the next inspection.


privacy records prevent media outlets from learning about the status of the
victim who was transported by Med Flight to UW Hospital. Police dispatchers
said the man was breathing, but was not moving, when paramedics first arrived
on Thursday night.


Delton Police stated in a release the night of the incident that this was not a
criminal investigation and that Mt. Olympus staff were very cooperative with

Update: Coaster accident in the Dells Monday, March 10 2014, 04:37 PM CDT

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