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MADISON, Wis. -University of Wisconsin freshmen begin moving into the dorms this week, and with two sexual assaults taking place near campus in as many days, police are reminding students how to stay safe.

Just south of the UW campus, near Spring Street and Fahrenbrook Court, you'll find student housing that appears to be in a relatively safe neighborhood, or at least that's what the students there tell us.

"It's pretty close to campus, and I wouldn't think there'd be crime or anything," UW junior Cheyenne Danbrova said. Danbrova has lived on Spring Street for the past two years.

But appearances can be deceiving. Just last week, two separate sexual assaults took place just blocks from one another.

 "I was kind of shocked. I was a little scared and a little nervous," said sophomore Leah Katzung, who just moved to Fahrenbrook Court. "I wasn't sure what to expect. I mean, that's my new home and people are getting assaulted outside my front door, so that's kind of a little scary."

School hasn't quite started yet, but as move-in week begins for freshman, thousands of students are returning to campus. UW Police Department spokesperson Marc Lovicott, said that translates into more crime.

"Unfortunately, whenever students return we see these types of crimes increase," Lovicott said.

He added now is the time to remember that the streets near campus aren't always safe.

"What we always try to tell people to do is have a plan, no matter what you're going to be doing that day," he said. "Have a plan, make sure people know where you are. If you are going to be out and about at night, make sure you're walking with people, you're walking in areas you're familiar with and walking in areas that are well lit."

Last week's events serve as a reminder to students to be aware of their surroundings while walking home alone.

 "I think people are being more cautious for sure, especially us," Danbrova said.

Wednesday, campus police will kick off their Tell Us campaign, to encourage victims of sexual assault to talk to police about the incident.

UW police highlight safety tips on campus

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