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MADISON, Wis. - While Aaron Rodgers’ calf injury is not expected to sideline the Packers quarterback during Sunday’s playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys, a local physical therapist says certain technologies can play an important role in repairing his strained muscle.

ESPN is reporting that Rodgers has a slight calf tear. Physical therapist David Lippi-Guerron said inside the Packers locker room, trainers are probably using therapies on Rodgers similar to those he uses on the athletes who come to see him at Sport and Spine Physical Therapy.

Like sports massages, a form of dry needle-like acupuncture helps with muscle spasms, and an anti-gravity treadmill uses an air pocket to reduce body weight and stress to help heal the muscle while exercising.

“So he can push off through his ankle. Help him get back to some acceleration so he can get back, and eventually being able to put all weight through his leg so he can effectively follow through on his passes,” Lippi-Guerron said.

Packers fan Jimbo Klemke, who slightly tore his calf muscle while playing baseball two years ago, empathizes with Rodgers.

“Just the touchdown pass to Randall Cobb, I could just feel his calf lift and then he fell to the ground,” Kemke said. “I knew it was in his calf because that’s the first thing he grabbed when he fell to the ground.”

Klemke said while he only missed one game, he was in pain the rest of the season.

“It hurt every single game,” Klemke said. “I made it through the rest of the season. Like I said, it got better and better as the weeks went on, but you could just feel that. You knew it was there.”

While Lippi-Guerron said the chance of re-injury is there, whenever you are looking at an injured athlete, he said their future is the highest priority.

“With this his risk of re-injury is a little bit higher than someone who hasn’t just re-injured it a previous game. But they’re going to weigh that against the significance of that game and as long as he’s practicing with minimal pain, he can go through some of his progressions and he can still be effective,” Lippi-Guerron said.

Technology helps calf injury, like Aaron Rodgers’, heal

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