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MADISON, Wis. - Gov. Scott Walker will argue that state government has grown too big and intrusive in his State of the State speech.

Walker's office released excerpts of his speech Tuesday two hours before he was to deliver it before a joint meeting of the Legislature.

In the excerpts, Walker says that government must be reined in, and what remains must work. He says government must be more efficient, more effective and more accountable to the public.

Walker has said for weeks he plans to merge and consolidate several state agencies, but he's not yet released details.

Walker says Wisconsin is "more free and prosperous" because over the past four years "we put the power" back into the hands of the people.

Walker's speech comes as he is considering a presidential run.

Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said he's "100 percent committed" to not balancing the state budget without raising taxes.

Vos commented Tuesday just hours before Walker was to deliver his State of the State speech. Walker was not expected to reveal many details about how he plans to balance a projected $2.2 billion budget shortfall.

Vos said he does expect Walker to have more details about his plans for merging and consolidating state agencies.

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Governor Walker will say 'government must be reined in' during his State of the State

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