DTV Transmitter Upgrade

We have completed the final stages of the digital transition. Our transmitting channel has changed from VHF channel 11 to UHF channel 49. This should help over-the-air viewers with indoor reception and easier reception overall. We have joined the rest of the Madison stations in the UHF band.

Cable, Satellite, U-Verse, FIOS and similar services are not affected by this change.

Check back here for DTV transmitter updates as they happen!

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

To Perform a complete channel scan....
Unplug your antenna, in the channel menu/options of your TV or converter box, choose scan for channels. (Options and menu names differ between TVs and converters) This will erase old tuning information. Reconnect your antenna, and perform a scan again which should update your tuning information.

Here are a couple of links that may assist you in performing a channel scan:

http://www.opb.org/digital/media/OPB_How_To_Scan.pdf (PDF File)

If you are a Charter customer subscribing to basic service, and pick up "HD" channels using your built-in digital "QAM" tuner on your television, you must go into your setup menu and rescan or autoscan your QAM cable tv channels.   Charter made channel changes behind the scenes affecting reception of these channels. 

Power seems to have been restored


Power outages at transmitter site.   Packer game is now available on Charter SD (ch. 8) and HD (ch. 617) Still no word on Dish, DirecTV, Uverse and others.

Reprogramming your Dish Network receiver information....

With DISH receivers you have to go into your system and delete the "old" 47-1 information and "Add" the new 47-1 tuning information. 
To do this arrow down to CHANNEL SETUP and hit SELECT.
Under CHANNEL SETUP Arrow down to CHANNEL LIST. and hit SELECT
Channel list will now let you delete "47-1", "47-2" and "47-3".(This is to erase the old information that is memorized.)
Now you have two choices.  You can either go to FIND NEW CHANNELS, or ADD A NEW CHANNEL.  If you use ADD a NEW CHANNEL if it doesn't find 47, try adding 49. Hopefully this will memorize our signal.

In a pinch you can enter "49-1" and our signal should show up, however since it isn't memorized, you will always have to manually enter 49-1 instead of "47" until you are able to scan the signal into memory.

We've now had reports of Tivo users now seeing the correct information for our new channel.  Hopefully the issue is resolved with all Tivo and Windows Media Center users.

It has been verified that the data provider for Tivo and Windows Media Center has (this morning) updated their end with our new channel info.  However, that change may take a day or two to get through the system. 

Note to Tivo / Windows Media Center users...

We've had reports of channel scans not working.   The problem lies with the guide information being out of date from the guide provider, Tribune Media Services.  We've notified them of the issue and hopefully they update their system as soon as possible.  If/when we get more information if this did occur, we'll update this page.

If you're a Windows 7 Media Center user, a viewer reported that a manual fix may work by performing these steps:

  1. Go to Media Center TV Guide and highlight a listing for 47.# and press the i (More) button on the remote.
  2. Select Edit Channel
  3. Select Edit Sources
  4. Deselect the listing indicating Channel Number: 11.#
  5. Save
  6.  Save

WMSN Fox 47 has successfully switched from over the air channel 11 to channel 49 as of 7am November 5, 2010. This change only applies to people who view Fox 47 WMSN with the help of a receiver or converter box. To continue to view WMSN Fox 47 perform a rescan, and if that is not successful, unplug your antenna and perform a channel scan. Then plug the antenna back in, and perform another channel scan. Cable, satellite and AT&T viewers are not affected.

Fox 47 WMSN will begin transmitting on Channel 49 at 7:00am Friday November 5. At that time, rescan your receiver or converter box to pick up Fox 47 WMSN on our new channel. Do not do anything if you view us on cable or satellite or AT&T. All cable and satellite companies are making their own adjustments for this channel change.

Due to the very windy conditions, work on the tower is not able to be completed on time.  We were pretty lucky with the great weather up until this week.  Our transmitter is just about ready to go, and we are now waiting for the tower work to be completed and to go through the final measurements and tuning.   We are looking at next week to make the change to UHF channel 49!

The tower crew is working on installing our new transmission line, while engineers are continuing work on getting the transmitter ready.  

The removal of our old transmission line is almost complete.  The tower crew will then begin to install the new transmission line.  We are also still working on the new transmitter at the same time. 

The removal of our old transmission line is progressing... it will be followed by the installation of the new transmission line.  While that is going on, engineers are continuing the install of our transmitter. 

Transmitter installation is in progress and is about 50% complete.  Next week, the transmission line installation will begin. 

Our new digital antenna is installed on the tower!

Preparations to remove our old analog channel 47 antenna were performed today.  It should be removed tomorrow followed by the install of our digital channel 49 antenna.

Today the tower crew has removed the channel 11 antenna and are working on removing rest of the antenna stack including our old analog channel 47 antenna. 

If you get a chance to look up at the tower, (near Menards on the far west side of Madison)  you may see some of the work being done!

As of Monday 10/4 WMSN is operating at full power from a side-mounted antenna.  This is in preparation to remove the WMSN analog antenna at the tower top and replace it with a new UHF Channel 49 digital antenna.  WMSN expects to be ready for the channel change by the end of October, at which time over-the-air viewers will have to rescan their TVs or converter boxes.


WMSN-TV Fox 47 will be completing our DTV transition over the next 30 days. At that time, you will need to perform a channel scan on your television or converter box to pick up our signal. If you are currently receiving the other Madison TV stations, your antenna will receive our new signal. Cable and satellite viewers should not be affected.

In a project that is unrelated to the UHF conversion, we just added theCoolTV network as 47.2.  Just type in 47-2 or 47.2 or do a channel scan and you should see our new channel!  Visit http://www.thecooltv.com/ for more information about this new channel.

We are beginning work on switching our channel from VHF channel 11 to UHF channel 49.  Once this work is complete, our signal will be easier to receive, especially with an indoor antenna. 

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